Social Media Policy


Souri S.r.l., as Data Controller of your personal data, refers you to this Social Media Policy.
In relation to the aforementioned processing, the Data Controller provides, among other things, the following information.
This Social Media Policy (“Social Media Policy”) is to be understood as an annex to the Privacy & Cookie Policy document, which can be consulted in a separate document at the Internet address
The purpose of this Social Media Policy is to describe the rules of conduct that users should observe when using the website and the spaces activated by Souri S.r.l. on social technology platforms.

Souri S.r.l. uses the website and the social technological platforms that follow (“Social Media”) for purposes of general interest in order to communicate with users through the network, provide access to services and promote its activities. The social pages/channels are also used by the Owner to encourage participation, comparison and dialogue with users with a view to transparency and sharing.

The Souri S.r.l. website offers and will offer access to various social media such as Facebook, whose information can be found at – Instagram, whose information can be found at – YouTube, whose information can be found at – Twitter, whose information can be found at – these services provide comment areas, notice boards and public forums. The contents are published by users and may include: communications on the activities and services provided by the Owner, information on projects in progress, social initiatives, images and videos relating to events organised by the Owner. On the various pages/channels of these platforms, services are activated to respond to requests for information and assistance. Comments, questions, criticisms and suggestions made by users are also collected.
By using Social Media the user accepts the fact that the data published (including text, images, videos) are freely visible to all and, therefore, the Owner cannot guarantee the “Privacy” of the same.

Comments and responses on Social Media
The objective of the Social Media services offered by the Owner, in addition to being present as another communication channel on the network, is to respond to requests received publicly on the pages/channels, forwarding them to the competent structures of the same in order to respond in a relevant manner. Response times may vary depending on the type of request.

Risk warnings
Users are warned to pay the necessary attention to whether or not personal data (including e-mail address, mobile phone number) should be included in their postings that could reveal their identity, even indirectly. The same applies in particular to data considered sensitive. It is also necessary to assess the advisability of publishing audio, photographic and videographic material allowing people to be identified without having asked for their consent to the processing of such data.
Attention should also be paid to the possibility of including data in one’s own postings that may reveal, even indirectly, the identity of third parties. Please note that the data and speeches on the website may be visible and publicly accessible by any user of the network who accesses the site or the social media, and may also be indexed and retrieved by general search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.).

Rules of use
The various pages of Souri S.r.l. that are present on the various Social Media can be freely accessed by all users of the network, without having to ask permission of the owner; for this reason, Souri S.r.l. recommends exercising caution regarding the dissemination of personal data when using these platforms. The terms of use and Privacy policies applicable to each Social Medium are published on their respective sites and govern the information provided by the user. The Owner does not carry out any form of control on the use of personal information communicated in a public forum, comment area, making the user of the platform solely responsible for any disclosure. The Owner hopes that all participants in social life express their opinions with fairness and measure; for this reason, insults and vulgarity will not be tolerated.
Souri S.r.l. reserves the right to report to the managers of Social Media turpiloquies, insults, threats and attitudes that may recall violence.

Privacy and processing of personal data
Please note that the processing of users’ personal data will comply with the policies in use on the platforms used. Privacy in Social Media is guaranteed to the extent that the user is aware of how he or she is using the platform, the service and its potential. It follows that the information generated will actually be shared ‘voluntarily’ by users, who therefore cannot complain of any possible violation of their personal sphere. Article 21 of the Italian Constitution protects the freedom to express one’s thoughts, setting certain limits. One of these, which is little respected, is that relating to the reputation of others. When a judgement is expressed against a user, it is useful to remember that in the use of ‘too strong or colourful’ expressions, the author could be called upon to answer for the crime of defamation. Everyone has the right to intervene and express their free opinion.
Any personal data published by users are processed by Souri S.r.l. in compliance with the regulations set forth in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and in accordance with the provisions (with particular reference to the purposes and methods of data processing) of the Privacy & Cookie Policy published on the Souri S.r.l. website, which users are required to read before viewing the Social Media Policy.

Personal data are also published spontaneously by users and the processing of such data by the Data Controller is carried out solely for the purpose of providing said services.
The Data Controller is the company Souri S.r.l. – Largo Verdi, 19 – 20082 Binasco (MI) – P.IVA | C.F. 09713310960 – e-mail: Further information regarding the processing and communication of data provided directly or otherwise acquired may be requested directly from the Data Controller. This notice does not, of course, exclude the possibility that other information may also be provided orally.

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