The Company

PACCHIAROTTI GROUP is the result of the enterprising inspiration of Vittorio Pacchiarotti who created a series of synergic companies that up to today are in advance for quality, importance and longevity of the activities carried out and results obtained.
PACCHIAROTTI S.p.A. founded by Cesare Pacchiarotti at the end of 1800 is the Mother company of the group. The company works in the building field and today is specialized in construction and buildings conservative restoration for its own business and for third parties.
The company PENTAX S.r.l. was created in far 1975 to collaborate with the founder company, its business concerns management and sale of all the real estate properties of the GROUP.
To make the service even more efficient, GCS S.p.A. was founded in 1975, a software-house that starts its business by developing products for construction sites management and public and private real property management. After more than thirty years from its foundation, GCS S.p.A., with special attention to design, realization and marketing of computer solutions and special services for real-estate management of Public Administration on all the national territory, is today at the national tops for this specific niche sector. Since some years it also acquired a good portion of the national market in the ambit of solutions for the complete management of Italian Municipality Police Stations.
New working methods were developed in the last years.
“Project Financing” operations were developed in the wake of Saxon business developments.
The major asset of this new innovative system is to study needs, to plan, realize and manage works and systems for public use by “project financing” applications.
At last SPORT, field in which PACCHIAROTTI GROUP invests many resources, in order to socially and educationally contribute to developing the territory in which the group itself was founded and extended.

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